secureIf you buy your door and it's broken into, you get a free one and £1000  

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If you buy your door and it’s broken into, you get a replacement and £1000. Now as standard with Ultion.

It’s no secret that burglars can open doors locked with normal cylinder locks in seconds. That’s why Sanctuary doors are fitted with Ultion as standard. Ultion’s trademark Lockdown Mode activates a hidden lock when it detects an attack. That’s why it is accredited with not only the TS007 3 star grade 6 Kitemark, but also Sold Secure Diamond from the Master Locksmith Association.


What is the Secure Guarantee?

The Sanctuary Secure Guarantee is now available on all doors bought from Sanctuary with the Ultion cylinder. It guarantees the homeowner a £1000 and a replacement door (or repair if they prefer) in the event of a burglary where the intruder gained entry by snapping the Ultion cylinder.

How long does the guarantee last?

The guarantee lasts for 10 years from the date of installation.

How much does it cost?

Nothing at all, its included.

What does the installer need to do?

Still nothing. Sanctuary guarantee is a promise directly to the homeowner. The installer doesn’t need to be involved in either registrations or claims, they just use it as a selling benefit!

What does the homeowner need to do?

To register the customer just needs to complete the form from the Door-Stop homeowner site, or the card attached to their new keys, within 14 days of installation.

What is Key Control?

Ultion keys are stamped with a unique encrypted code, this code makes getting new keys quick and easy. Ultion Key Control ties this code to the customers email address.

What happens if more keys are ordered once Key Control is activated?

If the key code is used the registered email address will get an email as soon as the licensed Ultion Key Centre applies to decrypt the code. To enable the keys to be cut the customer just presses the ‘approve’ button on the email.

What does this cost?

It is absolutely free with every door fitted with an Ultion cylinder.

How does the customer activate it?

Ultion Key Control can be activated at the same time as registering for the free £1000 guarantee.

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